Fiber Optical Cable (FOC) Patrolling

  • Secure all cables routes from damages by provide patrolling teams along the cable paths 11/7 by 2 shifts (Day & Night) to avoid and sudden damage during executing the projects, uncovered manhole and coordinates with responsible team.
  • In case of any civil work on cable spans, DD team join the other team until they finished their work, also the have share the last updates in inform us in case of high risk to take the required action and must respond for any first party request, also his path must be covered by the nearest patroller
  • DD provides 1 patroller for each 60 KM (Or 30 KM in case of second party request to apply the intensive patrolling) and within two shifts (7:00 AM – 1:00 PM) and (1:00 PM to 6:00 PM).
  • DD provides each patrolling car by GPS and provide the first party access to the tracking software 24/7 and to replace the GPS n case on any fault within 24 H
  • In case of any patrolling car damage the second party must provide an alternative patroller within 3 hours only.
  • The patrolling teams facilitate the work of maintenance team in case of any cable cut by detecting the cut location
Fastlink –Solar System Project
  • Marketing for Optical Fiber Services which include FDT to End User Services for more than 20,000 users in Kurdistan Region.
  • National Internet Project (NIP). DD takes over the managing the services of the fiber optics project for the northin sites of NIP since 2020.
  • ZAIN IQ. DD mplemented Underground Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Najaf and Karbala Cities -Iraq, Zain Project (2000m).
  • Awal Telecom. DD implemented and supplied several Cable trays and trenching in Baghdad.
  • Desgin/surveys FTTH network for Anbar and Kirkuk.
  • Desgin and survey FTTH network for several private sectors in Baghdad (Najmat Baghdad Complex), Salahaddin, Kirkuk (Noor City FTTH, Dibis FTTH etc.)

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