Telecom, ISP and IT markets are the most fast growing worldwide. Rapid growth of the business sectors has increased the demand for Telecom, ISP and IT services. This large domestic demand can be leveraged by domestic companies to create innovative, high-quality products and solutions that not only meet the needs of the highly-competitive market, but also address the global market.

As a local and experienced company, DD mission is to deliver the best possible reliable services and solutions, ensuring the quality of our services to help our client improve their efficiency and business profitability.

In addition to develop and deliver state of the art communication technology solutions and augment it with very professional customer services and support, aiming at customer satisfaction and a commitment to market needs. DD company is providing a simulating challenging and safe working environment that promotes employee excellence, fulfilment and personal growth.


Our mission is to provide our communities with progressive high quality communication technology services that enhance the value of life and economic development in the area we serve. Our goal is to provide efficiencies in communication technology consistent with the urban areas while living in a rural area.


Unlocking connectivity and innovation, Digital Dimensions leads the way in Telecom and ISP solutions.
Telecommunication Services (swapping, upgrading & installation, civil works)
Drive Tests (RF Optimization)
Fiber Optic Services
Logistic & Warehousing Services
Fuel Supplying , monitoring and optimization Services
Nokia back office BSS and TRM (1st level and 2nd level)
Ericsson back office BSS and TRM (1st level and 2nd level)
Nokia back office BSS and TRM (1st level and 2nd level)
Renewable Energy Solutions

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